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Title of the Article: Prezi vs. Powerpoint
Author: Phil Bird
URL: Phil Bird, Prezi vs. Powerpoint (2012). Prezi vs. Powerpoint. URL:

Abstract of the article: (1-2 paragraphs)

PowerPoint has always been the weapon of choice when it comes to presentation. Its ease of use and availability makes it one of the most popular presentation software in the history. A few years ago, an online presentation tool was created to give users an alternative way to present an idea or concept. Prezi, an online, non-linear presentation tool became popular because of its visually appealing and refreshing effects. Both programs have their own strengths and weaknesses. Knowing what the best tool to use is important in delivering a message across the audience.

Three things I learned from my Reading Assignment:

I learned that careful planning is essential in creating a successful presentation. May it be in PowerPoint or Prezi, careful planning is integral to create an appealing presentation. Prezi is popular because of its zooming in effect and seamless movements across the canvass. PowerPoint is more flexible when it comes to presenting a linear presentation. Both are actually effective if you know how to use them properly.

Implications of the new things I learned to my work / to me as a person.

As a computer teacher, and a fond user of open source programs, I need to use presentation tools to deliver my lessons to my students.  I would admit that I've been a PowerPoint user for so long, that I didn't care about any another presentation tool out there.  It's been useful to me and my students. Why would I not use it?

One night, I was doing a research about Creative Commons and a presentation created on Prezi came out. Out of curiosity, I clicked and viewed the link. I was almost swept off my feet when I saw the smooth movements and transitions on it.  I told myself that I have to use this. This would make my students go woah! And sure they'll be very interested to learn about this online tool.  It took me a few minutes to get the hang of prezi.  From zooming in and zooming out, to using frames, objects, inserting pictures and videos, it was all very easy to me.  The tools are pretty much self explanatory and the site also provides examples and tutorials for new and advance users.

I came across this Web2.0 material or website called Prezi, the zooming presentation tool.  I've been looking for a presentation tool that would catch the fancy of my students This is a good tool to use for people who wants to try out another presentation tool aside from PowerPoint and keynote.


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